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Update 3-10-2017
Posted on on March 10, 2017 | 23:36
Update 3-10-2017 Content




- Fixed Cash Shop Gift may cause WCoin reset in specified scenario

- Fixed Cash Shop invalid cursor state on Period Item Insert/Delete

- Disabled Summoner Paralyze skill effect in non-pvp servers

- Fixed Castle Siege time accumulation issues

- Fixed issue resulted in auto-heal of Pets while wearing Blood Angel items

- Fixed reported Game Server crashes

- Fixed Illussion Temple Renewal issues

- Fixed Arca Battle event issues

- Fixed Castle Siege time accumulation issues

- Fixed item belonging after drop from Golden Erohim and Kundun

- Fixed Global Post required level option

- Fixed Map Server Vulnaribility

- Fixed personal store vulnaribility



- Added 255 Health and Mana Potions in Shops

- Slightly increased the success rate of Jewel Of Life

By Thanatos (Administrator)